Reasons Why Country Living Rocks!

As many of you know, I am a country girl at heart, and even though marriage and work have distanced me from the prairie in which I thrive, I get the honor of visiting during the summer. On one of my many long walks, I came up with a list of reasons why country living trumps city living any old day of the year.

Reason #1: Because sometimes a wild rose is more beautiful than a tame one.


Reason #2: Because sometimes watching the breeze tickle the surface of a creek is all your soul needs.20160627_145703

Reason #3: Because sometimes the living gravestones of old farmsteads reminds you of the strength and grit which created you.20160627_145114

Reason #4: Because sometimes you want to make a scratch and sniff sticker that smells like this:


Reason #5: Because sometimes watching the last rays of sunlight caress the water reminds you of the presence of God.


Reason #6: Because sometimes you need to take four children, three dogs, and your mother for a walk down the middle of a county road.



This is the world my beloved character, Corrie Lancaster, grew up in. She, in part, is a self- portrait of myself. To get a glimpse of her life, and maybe a peak into my soul, I hope you read Amber Waves of Grace when it is published. I can’t wait to share the country and story which is so near and dear to my heart!


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